SLTConf, Sustainable Living Tech Conference, is hosted by DuoNB Foundation. SLTConf features public conversations around how we can engineer sustainable living with DuoNB tech stack.

1. How can I track SLTConf updates?

We’re on the same mission. As individual who feel obliged to do something in order to contribute to sustainable living and social development, SLTConf can keep you informed of the latest discussion and tech development around the subject. Specifically, you can

  • subscribe to our newsletter and track our events, which will keep you posted of the latest happening and call-for-actions from SLTConf
  • join our regular discussion in SLTConf Community Calls, pending release under another BUILD section
  • Send Us Message to introduce yourself and propose ideas and how you would contribute to SLTConf

2. Who’s behind SLTConf?

SLTConf is a public channels jointly hosted by a core group of partners and joined by many others of diverse backgrounds, specifically,

  • DuoNB Foundation, a foundation dedicated to on-going development of DuoNB, the micro-framework for converging renewable energy, optical networking and wired data protocols for building sustainable home.
  • Open Source communities and their software and hardware projects, with their design and potentials around DuoNB Design Principles. These tech and communities are foundation to build societies for self-sovereign individuals.
  • Government agencies, across China, African continent and all the developing regions, covering gov branches on energy, teleco and data networking, and urban development, or any branches in charge of implementing the SDGs by the United Nation.
  • Private tech firms whose mission align well with DuoNB goals and missions.
  • Academia, all around the world, such as China Africa University of Science & Tech (pending approval and formation), with specific joint-education program operational for years.
  • NGOs, who’re accredited by the jurisdictions involved and sharing goals under the SDGs.

3. How SLTConf events are organized?

SLTConf events are consisted of online calls, in-person meetups, and formal conferences. The first TWO are organized in the Unconference style, by founding members and local chapter leaders.

  • Online calls are typically categorized into 3 types, Community Calls, Partner Calls and Team Calls, organized by SLConf core members and authorized associates, specifically,
    1. Community Calls are scheduled and published on Link3.to
    2. Partner Calls are scheduled via private group chats and hosted on Zoom or Lark
    3. Team Calls are scheduled via private group chats and hosted on Zoom or Lark
  • Conference Calls are typically scheduled before and during a formal in-person conference and serve as the on-line substitute of conference calls.
  • In-person Conferences are typically scheduled once or twice a year in cities of choice.

4. How can I buy DuoNB products, solutions and services?

As DuoNB is rolling out our diverse product and solution series, we’ll offer more specific channels to contact the people in charge.

Currently, request for quote is organized around on-site visits to our Showrooms.

To give you an A rough milestones and product roadmap of DuoNB products and solutions,

  • Early 2024, pre-order and shipping the DuoBatt series, the official home battery series, along side with the 48-DC home appliances sereis running on top of DuoNB’s DC switching and wiring system
  • Before 2025, trial-sales and cross-selling of own or partners’ products around sustainable living tech themes
  • Late 2025, DuoFibre, the optical networking layer on top of DuoBatt DC system

In case you haven’t found the answer for your question please feel free to Send Us Message.